Case Studies

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Streamlined Integration for Global Payout Management

Learn how the implementation of new strategies increased revenue and conversion rates by by simplifying the integration process for developers.

32% faster integration
4500 sessions monthly
10+ published guides with a technical focus
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Developer Hub for 9 Banks

Erste Group Bank AG, one of the largest financial services providers in CEE, operates in 7 countries and manages the finances of 15.7 million clients. They needed an experienced partner to create their developer portal. We helped with the design, testing, and implementation of the API Hub portal connecting each of the 9 banks in the Erste Group.

7 countries
15.7 milion clients
9 banks
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Connecting Technologies for Secure Workforce Identity

Writing guides and use cases for various SaaS solutions for a new open-source developer toolkit that audits infrastructure access for various systems.

5 complex example integrations
8 guides
6 developer tools
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Refining the Developer Journey for Seamless Banking Security

The new documentation structure has enabled thousands of developers to integrate the Wultra solution 25% faster.

11 Million Users
Reliable for Global Banks
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Open-source development in 12 technologies

We maintain SDKs and demo projects in 12 different technologies while following the best practices for each of them.

12 demo apps, each in different technology
SDK maintenance & compliance
15 minutes to create application
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The developer portal for the industry leader in Buy Now, Pay Later

Discover the ways in which the implementation of a new developer portal and the modernization of APIs enhance customer satisfaction.

7 new technical guides created
2 SDKs developed
15+ API endpoints updated
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Enhancing developer tools for the leader in user data validation

Examine how technological advancements affect the way developers are provided with Foxentry solutions.

2 SDKs developed
11 API endpoints added or updated
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Elevating Conversions: A Journey in Omnichannel Communication

We provided technical analysis, technical writing, and L3 technical support for omnichannel communication to help increase conversions for tyntec.

4 years of cooperation
20+ integrations developed
30+ technical guides published
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Digital identity solution for up to 6 million people

Our work with BankID focused on testing and rapid integration support, impacting 6 million Czech bank clients accessing diverse applications.

1.6M users in the first year of BankID operation
6M potential users
80% of users who log in to government services use BankID
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60+ Blockchains 500+ Endpoints

Working with Tatum involved implementing SDKs, as well as several layers of development on many of the products the company offers. Besides that we were actively involved in many other areas such as DX, UX, testing, technical writing and support.

SDK in 3 languages
60+ Blockchain APIs
140 000+ integrated projects
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Optimized developer onboarding that delivers value to 73 million users

New developer portal was launched, speeding up the onboarding process for new customers.

10-minute setup
47% faster integration
73M users
60% support costs
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Automation saved 25% of developers' time

Fine-tuning CI/CD processes led to more consistent deployment and mitigated human errors.