Great products are built by great and passionate teams.

Mission statement

While developers build the future, we make sure they deliver high quality value and enjoy the process. We create tech for your product adoption and improve the work of your engineering teams.

Nothing beats experience

We are a team of qualified developers with years of experience in the field. We have gone through many projects, corporate cultures and teams. That enables us to better identify the needs and struggles of your developers and to improve and adjust your product for quick and easy adoption.

Our Values


We make sure that every one of us is an expert in our field. So that whenever help is needed, there’s a competent teammate. Each of us is responsible for our own performance, expertise, and continuous improvement while being deeply dedicated to sharing knowledge with the team. That way we encourage creating better versions of ourselves.


Nobody is perfect, and that's why we’re all equal here. We don't take ourselves too seriously and while humbly discovering every charm of each other's personality, we also let it shine through. Anyone is free to express themselves, valuing everyone's time and considering it crucial to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.


The key to a healthy, functioning team is trust and being able to rely on each other. This gives us the freedom to make decisions and choices. We can be supportive of each other and are not afraid to share our obstacles and accomplishments, both at work or in life.


We openly share not only our knowledge but also how we’re prospering. We create a safe environment for everyone, where anyone can learn from their mistakes. If we don't like something, we can talk openly about it, but also listen. Together, we can turn even the most difficult situations into wins.

The team

Prokop Simek

With more than 12 years in software engineering, I use my expertise to link business and technology for our clients.

Bára Slouková

Her field is administration and operations. She is managing the operations of our team, everything from financial management to interpersonal relations.

Bára Mrkáčková
HR Specialist

Looking after the happiness of the employees at DXH. Taking care of recruitment, employer branding, and event planning.

Jan Dočekal
Full-Stack Engineer

10+ years of experience in various scales of development, different technologies, and team leading. Skilled in Typescript & PHP, SQL or NoSQL databases and server management

Jan Řičica
Technical Analyst & Technical Writer

Handles complete software analysis from taking requirements from clients to creating technical documentation.

Jakub Vacek
Software Engineer

Senior backend developer focusing on microservices architecture. Skilled in TypeScript, Node.js, React, Nest.js, and Apache Kafka.

Marina Buconjić
Full-Stack Engineer

Senior developer who can handle almost any technology, fluent in everything from Rect.js, JavaScript, TypeScript to Go.

Jirka Šimeček
Full-Stack Engineer

Young, motivated developer who has experience with Next.js, Typescrip, and React.js, as well as UI and UX design.

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