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Optimized developer onboarding that delivers value to 73 million users

New developer portal was launched, speeding up the onboarding process for new customers.

10-minute setup
47% faster integration
73M users
60% support costs


Established in 2013, Dateio is a fast-growing venture-backed Czech FinTech on a mission to bring insights to the modern consumer. Banking partner to several top-tier banks worldwide. As of end-2021, It has been awarded Deloitte technology FAST 50 CE and helps millions of users receive value through enriched transaction data and card-linked marketing platform.

Key Highlights

  • User persona analysis 
  • Information structure analysis 
  • UX & structure design 
  • Technical writing 
  • API review
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Ivan Dovica

COO, Dateio

"Focus on product usability."

We were looking for external input on how to design a developer portal well. DX Heroes helped us improve the overall onboarding experience from start to finish with focus on product usability.


We faced the challenge of understanding our target persona to effectively communicate TapiX's benefits, shifting focus to developing vital developer touchpoints. Our approach involved analyzing key user personas, particularly technical product managers and developers. We then explored Tapix's functionality, focusing on the value of each API endpoint, aiding our tech writing phase. Simultaneously, our UX team designed a custom, intuitive user interface with an interactive sandbox, enhancing user engagement.


We crafted a custom solution designed to streamline customer interactions, offering comprehensive insights for both new and existing customers. Our primary focus was on creating easily comprehensible guides, supported by well-structured APIs and a smooth user experience, leading to up to 60% support costs.

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