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Connecting Technologies for Secure Workforce Identity

Writing guides and use cases for various SaaS solutions for a new open-source developer toolkit that audits infrastructure access for various systems.

5 complex example integrations
8 guides
6 developer tools


ConductorOne enhances the security of workforce identities in cloud applications and infrastructure by implementing centralized access controls and automation. Their open-source toolkit, Baton, enables the extraction, normalization, and management of workforce identity data, including user accounts, permissions, roles, groups, and resources. Baton operates using custom connectors that gather essential data, specifically designed for widely-used SaaS platforms like HubSpot, Slack, and Zoom. These connectors facilitate the extraction of permission-related data.

Key Highlighs

  • API Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Technical Writing
  • API Integrations
  • Open-Source Management
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Justin Gallardo

Software Engineer

"Smooth and collaborative."

Working with DX Heroes was smooth and collaborative. They took the time to understand what we were building and why - and they were willing to work alongside us to create detailed guides as we were creating the tools. They were very thoughtful when it came to ensuring the quality of the toolkit and the documentation.


Starting each connector involves an in-depth study of the provider's API to ensure we cover all needed resources and accurately map the connector. In our frequent update meetings, we review progress and present a working demo. The final steps include thoroughly testing the connectors, creating user-friendly open-source materials like Readme files, and publishing them in a public repository.


We provide ConductorOne with bespoke connectors for a diverse range of dozens of SaaS platform applications. Each connector is designed for public release and plays a crucial role in streamlining the acquisition of data required for access management within these platforms.

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