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Streamlined Integration for Global Payout Management

Learn how the implementation of new strategies increased revenue and conversion rates by by simplifying the integration process for developers.

32% faster integration
4500 sessions monthly
10+ published guides with a technical focus


MassPay, a US-based SaaS leader, offers reliable and secure mass payouts & payments in over 175 countries and across 70 currencies. MassPay wanted to find a partner to help them reach more developers, so they reached out to us. Since MassPay did not have a specific page for developers, they were receptive to our recommendations. In order to define the ideal format for the Developer Portal, we initiated a multi-faceted partnership. Getting OAS up to date was the first step, followed by choosing the right tool for MassPay's needs, updating descriptions, and making user and developer guides. Finally, we developed an SDK in the most popular languages and delivered the user interface for the landing page.



Improved accessibility and user experience by launching an extensive developer portal.


Streamlined the development process and improved efficiency by deploying robust software Development Kits (SDKs) in four languages.


More than 200 API endpoints have been updated in accordance with industry best practices.


More than 10 individual guides have been published to help customers navigate MassPay's product offerings.

Key Highlights

  • Seamless user experience
  • APIs upgraded to the latest standards
  • Clear customer journey mapping
  • Easy tutorials for quick integration
  • SDK development with leading industry standards


Chris Rechtsteiner

CMO at MassPay

"The partnership has been a success."

Partnerships are a core value for MassPay. We don’t use this word lightly, and we don’t enter into it without purpose. Partnering with DX Heroes to support our burgeoning developer ecosystem and community has dramatically benefited MassPay and our customers. The partnership has been a success, from rapid project alignment to real-time collaboration.


Collaborating began with outlining the full structure of the dev portal and providing delivery time estimates. In order to ensure that everything was delivered to MassPay's highest standards, a DXH team was then formed and set to work on multiple fronts at once. The next step, following platform selection, was to update the OAS specification display standard and API endpoints. During that time, the user interface (UI), software development kits (SDKs), and technical documentation were all under development. 


With the time and effort put in, we were able to deliver a full solution for an excellent developer experience, as well as detailed technical documentation that included error patterns and descriptions of API endpoints. Through the MassPay Developer Portal, customers have easy access to all these resources, including user-friendly code snippets and video summaries.


Implementing these strategies has resulted in an easier developer journey and a faster integration process. This efficiency has significantly increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction.


Implementing these strategies has resulted in an easier developer journey and a faster integration process. This efficiency has significantly increased conversion rates and customer satisfaction.


Ultimately, our approach excels by combining technical expertise with a focus on user experience. We have established a strategic alliance to further develop MassPay's expansion.

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