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60+ Blockchains 500+ Endpoints

Working with Tatum involved implementing SDKs, as well as several layers of development on many of the products the company offers. Besides that we were actively involved in many other areas such as DX, UX, testing, technical writing and support.

SDK in 3 languages
60+ Blockchain APIs
140 000+ integrated projects


Tatum is the swiftest route for implementing, testing, and integrating blockchain applications. It provides a versatile platform tailored for developers, featuring multi-lingual SDKs, advanced KMS (key management system) software, and, importantly, an extensive API complemented by thorough user administration.

Key Highlights

  • Full-stack development in Typescript, Nest.js, Vue.js, and Next.js.
  • Optimizations of MongoDB
  • Blockchain integrations
  • UX/UI Design
  • Technical writing
  • Comprehensive quality assurance
  • Dedicated technical support
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Petr Vrba

VP Engineering

"One big well-functioning team"

DX Heroes have worked with us for over a year and have proven to be qualified and highly valued partners. They fully embraced our product, technology, processes and culture, so that we ended up being one big well-functioning team. Together we have successfully implemented several projects in blockchain technology, which is not an easy technology to adopt.


We merged into Tatum's framework as a versatile team of developers, analysts, technical writers, and designers, collaborating daily with their teams. Our efforts ranged from enhancing customer services with high-quality user experiences to scaling and managing their extensive API. Additionally, we focused on modernizing and re-integrating supplementary SDKs, while each developer rapidly adapted to the specifics of various blockchain networks.


Our collaboration with Tatum focused on rapid, efficient responses to platform needs through daily interactions and strategic meetings. 

We consistently addressed product requirements and spearheaded modernization efforts, particularly at the administrative interface. 

Additionally, we developed solutions to enhance the developer experience, incorporating Open API specifications, a developer portal, and process automation, leading to a more streamlined and user-friendly platform.

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