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Refining the Developer Journey for Seamless Banking Security

The new documentation structure has enabled thousands of developers to integrate the Wultra solution 25% faster.

11 Million Users
Reliable for Global Banks


Wultra is a leading Czech company in internet and mobile banking security. They mainly operate within Central and East Europe and offer products that provide the utmost security for your finances. DX Heroes helped Wultra improve their developer portal so the new clients have easier onboarding to the Wultra ecosystem and can integrate products faster and easier.

Key Highlights

  • User persona analysis
  • Technical writing
  • UX design and structure
  • Development
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Petr Dvořák

CEO, Wultra

"Smooth from the very beginning."

We needed to improve our developer portal, and selecting DX Heroes as our partner was a phenomenal choice. Not only are they professionals with years of experience, they are also very human, which made our cooperation smooth from the very beginning.


Initially, we identified the user persona to thoroughly understand their needs and determine the suitable tone of voice. This was succeeded by an in-depth analysis of the current information structure, evaluating it page by page, and implementing necessary changes. Alongside, our UX team designed a novel layout and created a custom icon set for uniform application across the portal. After these steps, we revised the texts and enlisted a developer to bring the prototype to life.


Centering on the user experience, we transformed the Wultra developer portal. This overhaul not only streamlined sales for new users but also articulated the solution's benefits more clearly to decision-makers. Moreover, the improved documentation resulted in fewer support tickets, leading to a 25% faster acquisition of new clients.

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