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Enhancing developer tools for the leader in user data validation

Examine how technological advancements affect the way developers are provided with Foxentry solutions.

2 SDKs developed
11 API endpoints added or updated


When it comes to validating user data across various segments, Foxentry is the leader in the Czech Republic, with over 2,300 active companies using their services. In order to close the technological gap, Foxentry decided to upgrade its developer tools to modern standards. Working in tandem, we were able to provide the cutting-edge technological solution that was needed for today's technologically advanced world.



We've upgraded from an outdated API Blueprint to the latest Open API Specification version 3.0, ensuring that Foxentry is using the latest standards.

Developer portal

Collaborating with the Foxentry team, we provided support for the information and content structure, while helping to create the developer portal.


We've created SDKs using the updated Open API specification and in the target customer's technologies to allow an even easier interaction with Foxentry's services.


Foxentry came to our partnership with a clear plan for the future and how they wanted to see the development community progress. Since the original API specification was in the antiquated API Blueprint format, it was not feasible to efficiently create new updates. Along with the update, all changes and new API endpoints needed to be updated and incorporated into the new version's specification. We began by bringing the OAS up to date with the latest technological standards, which was the most fundamental step. The next step was to work with Foxentry to enhance their API with updated request/response data that was more accurate, allowing for even better data validation. Furthermore, we developed software development kits (SDKs) for the required technologies. 

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Pavel Hrdlička

CEO at Foxentry

"Our collaboration with DXH has produced excellent results"

Our collaboration with DXH has produced excellent results. We published a completely redesigned API along with a new developer portal as a result of close cooperation. Through our expanded partnership with DXH, we have established a solid foundation for our work together in the developer experience field.


As a result, we were able to deliver a fully functional Open API specification in its latest version, which includes the implementation of the new endpoint requirements. This enables Foxentry to make a new API and SDK available to all of its clients without concerns about the solution becoming outdated or irrelevant. 

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