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Automation saved 25% of developers' time

Fine-tuning CI/CD processes led to more consistent deployment and mitigated human errors.


Revolgy, experts in cloud technologies, utilize and resell Google and AWS solutions to aid business growth. They offer unique cloud FinOps and efficient Incident management products, along with custom solutions for client-specific needs. Their services include infrastructure problem-solving and cloud migration support, reducing outages during high traffic, and enabling scalability, swift deployment, and feature testing.

Key Highlights

  • Software Analysis
  • DevOps
  • Continuous Integration & Delivery
  • Process Strategy
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Jaroslav Machaň

CCO, Revolgy

"Guarantee of best practices."

Our collaboration with DX Heroes was a no-brainer in taking the development team to the next level. Each and every day, we need to improve, and the experience DX Heroes gained from both their internal and on-demand development is a guarantee of best practices, validated time and again. Our team definitely feels the added value of good developer experience; DX Heroes truly have a knack for measuring it and pushing things to the next level.


Our analysis process included interviews with team members and examining the tools they use. We aimed to gather extensive information about their workflow and experiences within the company. Our goal was to identify any processes or aspects of processes that were causing friction, beyond the team's control, or repetitive and suitable for automation.


We suggested and assisted in enhancing test automation and release versioning. This resulted in a 25% quicker transition from code to production, allowing developers to concentrate on their core expertise. Additionally, we established a semi-automatic process for library updates, prioritizing end-user security and reducing technological debt.

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