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Elevating Conversions: A Journey in Omnichannel Communication

We provided technical analysis, technical writing, and L3 technical support for omnichannel communication to help increase conversions for tyntec.

4 years of cooperation
20+ integrations developed
30+ technical guides published


Tyntec empowers brands to connect with mobile consumers effectively, offering services in contact validation, user authentication, and conversational commerce. Boasting over two decades of expertise in business messaging and cloud communications, tyntec delivers robust communications APIs and applications. These tools facilitate businesses in communicating more efficiently and swiftly with their customers and workforce.

Key Highlights

  • Technical Analysis
  • Technical Writing
  • Technical Support
  • Software Development
  • Customer Journey Mapping
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Jean Shin

Director, Enterprise Solutions

"Nothing short of outstanding."

We’ve been working with the DXH team over 3 years on a wide range of projects involving technical analysis, developer documentation and integration developments. Their performance has been nothing short of outstanding. They’ve approached the projects with a sense of responsibility, solid expertise and resourcefulness. There were many moments where the collaboration with DXH made the difference between success and failure on making our technology work for our customers – nothing short of heroic.


Initially, we aimed to comprehend the range of products tyntec uses for integration and automation. Our technical and business analysis expertise helped us swiftly grasp tyntec’s offerings. This understanding enabled us to establish an internal knowledge base and design end-to-end processes.


Our primary focus was on analyzing the WhatsApp Business platform and Microsoft services, alongside building a knowledge base, and offering L3 technical support. We also contributed to backend development.


Our collaboration with tyntec has been marked by a strong bond, open communication, and joint problem-solving. This open, honest environment has been pivotal in enhancing DX and achieving our goals through a hybrid team approach, leading to timely service delivery and avenues for further development.


In our endeavors, we're exploring new products and expanding tyntec's portfolio while optimizing information flow between technical and non-technical roles. This ensures that tyntec can present a diverse and well-documented product range to its customers.

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