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Work as the first line of defense against depression

Prioritize mental health at work beyond vacations. Learn how to support employees and create an empathetic work environment for overall well-being.

Jan Dočekal


The ROI of investing into Developer Experience

Discover how investing in Developer Experience can increase your ROI. From retention rates to customer satisfaction, improve your business success.

Jan Dočekal


When Speed Matters: Why Investment into Faster Integrations Pays Off in the Long Run

Learn about the benefits of fast integrations and how to overcome obstacles that may slow you down.

Prokop Simek


‍Improve API adoption with Open API Specification

What are the benefits and challenges of using an OpenAPI Specification and how can you use it to improve your API adoption?

Jakub Vacek


Work Life Balance is Dead, DX Stays

Does working from home help you manage your time? Our work-life balance is quite unbalanced now. That’s where Developer Experience (DX) comes to the rescue.

Jan Dočekal


Supply Developers With What They Need and Reach New Audiences

How developer portal helps your clients integrate faster, showcases your product to new developers and converts them into clients.

Josef Zeman


What is DX and why is it worth attention?

While UX (user experience) is a well-known concept among the general public, not much is known about DX (developer experience) even among professionals.

Prokop Simek


Metrics and Information over Emotions — How can data support your decisions

Nobody likes to make difficult decisions that could potentially cost a lot of money or have a direct impact on the team.

Prokop Simek


What is Developer Experience and why you should care

Developer Experience can be further distinguished between internal and external Developer Experience.

Prokop Simek


Why Improve Developer Experience?

Developer Experience (DX) can be shortly described as a User Experience (UX) but from the other side of the product.

Prokop Simek


7 steps for efficient meetings

Endless sessions on nothing, where you don't even have to sit down anyway, are one of the flaws of the modern age.

Prokop Simek


Navigating the Developer Landscape #1: Marketing Basics

In the technology landscape, developers pose as the architects and builders of the digital realms. Far beyond the code, developers are the driving force of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Recognizing the pivotal role developers play is not just essential — it's a game-changer.

Jan Dočekal


Understanding the Distinction: SDK vs. API in Software Development

Explore the essential components and benefits of SDKs in software development. Learn how libraries, APIs, and sample code streamline app creation, enhance integration, and support diverse applications like mobile apps, gaming, and IoT solutions.

Prokop Simek


The Intersection of AI and Developer Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making waves in various industries, and software development is no exception.

Prokop Simek


Why your product needs an SDK

In the fast-paced digital world, businesses must innovate and adapt quickly to thrive. A key element in modern product development is the use of Software Development Kits (SDKs), which are crucial for meeting customer needs and enhancing product capabilities. This article emphasizes the importance of SDKs in product development, highlighting their benefits for both developers and business executives. Understanding SDKs is vital for success in today's digital ecosystem.

Jan Dočekal


Transaction Data Enrichment and Enhanced Developer Experience: Who is the market leader?

In the age of online shopping, transaction data enrichment is an interesting area to investigate, as customers can discover a wide range of additional information about their purchases. Also, banks can use this information to create detailed reports and make recommendations to help customers balance their cash flow.

Jan Řičica