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we put people first

Only satisfied developers can create successful products. Join us and help other developers love their work.

OUr values



We have experts in the field who do not hesitate to lend a helping hand. We emphasize continuing education and knowledge sharing to the team. Anyone who wants to be a better version of themselves every day has the door wide open with us.


No one is perfect, and that is why we are all equal. We don't take ourselves seriously at all. Everyone has their own personality charm that we try to discover and let shine. And we also know that after work, we need to relax a little. You won't be bored with us.


Trust is the key to healthy team functioning. We keep nothing between us. We are not afraid to share our obstacles and successes in work and life.


We are transparent inside and outside the team. We share our rewards set by the competency model and information about what we are working on. If we don't like something, we can talk openly about it and listen.
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