Java / Kotlin developer

Do you want to keep improving in technologies and have your time and growth firmly in your hands? Be part of DX Heroes, where we co-create tools for developers, and help us spread awareness of the developer experience.
What you have to know already
  • Spring or other JVM BE framework
  • Git - this one is really necessary
  • Hibernate or other ORM framework
  • Experience with distributed systems
  • At least basic knowledge of Docker or Kubernetes
  • EN and CZ B2+
What we'll be excited about
  • Advanced working with SQL/NoSQL databases - ideally PostgreSQL, Oracle, MS SQL / MongoDB
    OpenAPI / Swagger
  • Knowledge of the standard and knowing how to deal with OpenID Connect
  • Writing REST APIs in Java/Kotlin
  • Working with Elasticsearch or other no-SQL databases
  • Knowledge of messaging queues, e.g. Kafka
What are you going to do

We are currently offering you a job on a project that creates infrastructure for blockchain developers. If you're not already a fan of crypto, this is where you start - there's great potential for learning and self-realization. Besides, other projects are constantly popping up, for example in the fintech field, where you can capitalize on your skills. And we'd be happy to have you lend a hand with internal projects to help developers with their work.

How is it going to work

Usually we'll check if it fits in with our wishes and requirements, then have a short call, and if we haven't collected enough material in the meantime, you'll get a little creative task from us.  If it goes well up to this point, we'll see you in a smaller group at our office.

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