Frontend developer for blockchain project

Do you want to have an impact on the company and have a control under your time and growth? Be part of our development team, where together we'll create custom developer tools and you'll help us increase awareness about the developer experience.
What should you know already
  • TypeScript
  • React a state management
  • Git
  • CZ or at least EN B1

What we'll be excited about
  • Cypress, Jest, or other testing framework
  • Sense for UX and quality UI
  • GraphQL
  • Next.js
What can you improve with us
  • FE component design and architecture
  • CI/CD tools
  • Deeper knowledge in blockchain issues
What are you going to do

We are currently looking for reinforcements for a project that creates infrastructure for blockchain developers. Whether or not you're a fan of crypto, there will be plenty of room for learning and self-realization. There will be an experienced mentor on hand to help you and for your growth, and there are many to choose from! There are already over 130 of us across the group who love to see the purpose of what we do. You too will have a say in what we can embroider on next.

How is it going to work

Usually we'll check if it fits in with our wishes and requirements, then have a short call, and if we haven't collected enough material in the meantime, you'll get a little creative task from us.  If it goes well up to this point, we'll see you in a smaller group at our office.

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Bára Slouková
Bára Slouková
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