Revolgy - Rewarding developer experience

Rewarding developer experience

Client intro

Revolgy is a team of experts in cloud technologies. They both use and resell Google and AWS technologies, which help all kinds of businesses grow. On top of that they offer their unique products that specialize in cloud FinOps and brisk Incident management. They offer solutions tailored precisely to their client's needs. At the same time, they solve problems with infrastructure and help with cloud migration. This helps their clients reduce the number of outages during traffic peaks and allows for scalability, faster deployment and testing of new features. Revolgy believes that in order to survive in the 21st century, IT has to transform from being a “cost center” into a “critical business enabler”.

Skills used
  • team cooperation analysis
  • process strategy
  • software analysis
  • DevOps

We were invited to analyze the team developer experience and to help sustain a healthy growth without losing any existing team chemistry.

Our collaboration with DX Heroes was a no-brainer in taking the development team to the next level. Each and every day, we need to improve, and the experience DX Heroes gained from both their internal and on-demand development is a guarantee of best practices, validated time and again. Our team definitely feels the added value of good developer experience; DX Heroes truly have a knack for measuring it and pushing things to the next level.

Jaroslav Machaň
CCO, Revolgy

Discussions with the members of the team provided us with information that had to be carefully evaluated so as not to violate the client’s trust. We had to dive deep into a new, uncharted territory in order to understand the underlying issues and design a solution that genuinely made sense.


The analysis process involved interviews with individual team members. The goal was to retrieve as much information about their workflow and life in the company as possible. Our objective was to identify any anomaly or strange behavior, which could lead us to areas with a potential for improvement.


We helped to define a better long-term product strategy. That included finding the right team member for the future of the organization. In order to do that, we determined specific recruitment criteria based on the needs of the team and the product direction. In addition, test automation and release versioning were also improved so that the developers could focus on what they do best. We introduced a new process for semi-automatic library updates with a focus on the security of end-users.

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