Wultra - Improving developer portal experience

Improving the developer portal experience

Client intro

Wultra is a leading Czech company in the field of internet and mobile banking security. They operate globally and offer products that ensure your finances are secure. DX Heroes helped Wultra improve their developer portal so that new clients have an easier time getting onboarded to the Wultra ecosystem, allowing them to integrate their products faster and more easily.

Skills used
  • user persona analysis
  • information structure analysis
  • UX & structure design
  • development

Our goal was to improve the existing developer portal. It was in need of informational and structural refactoring to simplify the onboarding process and provide the right information at the right time. That way, users would not have to get in touch through their support channels as often.

We needed to improve our developer portal, and selecting DX Heroes as our partner was a phenomenal choice. Not only are they professionals with years of experience, they are also very human, which made our cooperation smooth from the very beginning.

Petr Dvořák
CEO, Wultra

Wultra's documentation is fairly vast, spreading over multiple interconnected components. The challenge lay in finding the optimal uniform information structure that could be used for the whole portal. In terms of technology, we had to work within the limits of the current tech stack (Jekyll, internal tools and scripts).


Just like with any other client, we sat down to identify the user persona to better understand Wultra's needs and to determine the right tone of voice. A thorough page-by-page analysis of the current information structure followed, upon which changes were made. In addition, our UX team prepared a new design and a custom set of icons to be used throughout the portal. Afterwards, we made changes to the texts and called in our developers to turn the prototype into reality.


With an emphasis on overall user experience, we adjusted the Wultra developer portal to make the process of onboarding easier for new users and to better communicate the benefits of the solution.

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