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The developer portal for the industry leader in Buy Now, Pay Later

Discover the ways in which the implementation of a new developer portal and the modernization of APIs enhance customer satisfaction.

7 new technical guides created
2 SDKs developed
15+ API endpoints updated


With over 130,000 users in 2023, Skip Pay is the undisputed leader in the Czech Republic's deferred and installment payment market known as BNPLBuy Now, Pay Later. For the benefit of developers, Skip Pay has decided to upgrade their developer experience. Being aware of the absence of a modern developer portal, Skip Pay came to us for assistance in modernizing their outdated API endpoints and designing an entirely new structure that included creating the whole developer portal. Working together, we were able to come up with a solution that satisfied the needs of contemporary developer interactions.



We've upgraded from an outdated API Blueprint to the latest Open API Specification version 3.0, ensuring that Skip Pay is using the latest technology standard.

Developer portal

Developing a modern developer portal that fulfills all the specified requirements, from the initial design phase to the final launch.


We've created SDKs using the updated Open API specification in the target customer's technologies to allow even easier interaction with Skip Pay's services.

Graphic design

Collaborating with the design team, we envisioned and realized a space that meets all of Skip Pay's standards for its brand image.

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Jakub Wagner

CTO at Skip Pay

"Huge impact on the experience of our service."

Together with DX Heroes, we have focused on improving the developer experience of our payment methods, making developers work on average a third less time than before. This has a huge impact on the experience of our service and tremendously helps our core business.


We have established the standard procedure for Skip Pay, which begins with clearly stated expectations on the side of both parties. This foundational aspect of any partnership allows us to model the development process flow based on well-defined expectations. Following this initial step, we were able to dive into multiple streams simultaneously. In order to keep up with industry standards, we updated the existing API and created the first documentation while the new portal was being designed. Once we upgraded to Open API Specification version 3.0, our development team got to work on the SDK in PHP and Java. After all the necessary technical work was finished, our solution was deployed to the production environment. Our combined efforts and tight collaboration allowed us to complete the solution and deliver it on time. 


As a result of our efforts, Skip Pay now has a brand new developer portal that satisfies all of their needs and is up to date with the latest industry standards for Open APIs. The team's combined efforts included not only development but also technical and business analysis, graphic design, and technical writing. The developer portal is now live in production and supports Skip Pay's broader goal of building an inclusive community for all of its customers.

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