Hacktoberfest & The benefits it can bring to your company

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The original German festival probably won't bring new features to your software, especially if it is celebrated by your developers — then the effect may be quite the opposite. With Hacktoberfest, you can have new features, fixed bugs and new organic traffic — basically for free!

What is Hacktoberfest?

This event is a month-long celebration of open source software and its contributors. During this event, people are encouraged to make contributions to their favorite projects and progress open source to a whole new level.

Participating companies can edit their public repositories in a way, that enthusiasts can easily find them, and are able to help with resolving issues, or create new features, which the developers can then use in their software. Digital Ocean then rewards participants, that made at least 10 pull requests with custom Hacktober merch.

Who is Hacktoberfest for?

Short answer — everyone. That is of course a stretch as a cleaning lady will probably not code a new feature for her favorite repository (doesn't mean she can't! 🤓). Hacktoberfest is all about community, working as a team, and most importantly — having fun!

Javascript, Typescript, or PHP developer? There is definitely some repo you can contribute to. C-level position, team leader? Prepare your repositories and watch bug fixes and new features being build right in front of your eyes. Not so confident with your coding abilities? You can try helping with other, non-code related projects. For example, if you are a tech writer or interested in writing content about software development, team management, and other related topics, you can try our DX Knowledge Base repo.

This event is not just for individuals — companies can participate as well. It can bring many benefits.


Free bug fixes and new features? Woohoo!

We at DX Heroes are huge advocates of open source software, so being part of this event is almost essential for us. We have prepared custom rewards for the contributors and we are eagerly waiting for October to kick this off. Events like this can help your company with a multitude of things.

  1. Stronger position within the community
  2. Boost traffic to your website
  3. Boost resolved bug fixes
  4. Create new features for your products
  5. Have some sense of connection during these hard times

It can really bring a smile to your developers' faces, when the number of people resolving that annoying bug with login form jumps from 3 members of your Front End Team to 10 enthusiasts from all around the world, that will not only fix your login screen, but will add an OAuth and prepare the API call.

Let's celebrate open source software together, as a community. Let's fix some bugs, create new features, connect with fellow enthusiasts or similar-minded companies, and let's have fun! 😊

Need help?

We can help you with the implementation of Hacktoberfest to your company and to your repositories — for free, of course 🙂 How to edit your repositories to make them attractive for contributors? How to utilize Hacktoberfest the right way and boost your bug fixes? Contact us at info@dxheroes.io 😊

Want to type a few lines of code too? You can contribute to our repositories:

DX Scanner — open source CLI tool to measure and improve the quality of your code and practices (mainly for Developers)

👉 Direct link to DX Scanner repo — click here

DX Knowledge Base — open source knowledge base with topics from Developer Experience, Team Management and Software Creation (mainly for Techwriters)

👉 Direct link to DX Scanner repo — click here

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