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We specialize in creating versatile developer tools and platforms that cater to all facets of the development process. Whether you're seeking for powerful tools or a team striving to improve your internal processes, we provide tailored solutions that save costs, streamline your workflow, and elevate the overall developer experience.

What Our Customers Say

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Jean Shin

Director, Enterprise Solutions

"Nothing short of outstanding."

We’ve been working with the DXH team over 3 years on a wide range of projects involving technical analysis, developer documentation and integration developments. Their performance has been nothing short of outstanding. They’ve approached the projects with a sense of responsibility, solid expertise and resourcefulness. There were many moments where the collaboration with DXH made the difference between success and failure on making our technology work for our customers – nothing short of heroic.

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Different Business, Different Needs

Developer Products

Our developer-centric products, like APIs, SDKs, and portals, streamline your development, enhance productivity, and spur innovation, giving your business a competitive edge in the digital world.

Developer Workflow

We create tools, and shape processes that enhance collaboration, streamline workflows, and nurture innovation, elevating your team's performance and outcomes in the tech ecosystem.

Developer Marketing

Our tools empower you to refine your developer marketing, enhancing engagement and broadening your impact in the developer community.

Platform Engineering

Build business agility and operational excellence with our Platform Engineering services. We streamline your tech infrastructure for peak performance, enabling swift, scalable deployments and fostering innovation.

Developer Experience Review

Elevate your development landscape with our exclusive free Developer Experience Review. This targeted evaluation delves deep into your current development ecosystem, identifying key opportunities for advancement. You'll emerge with strategic action points designed to amplify your operational efficiency and turbocharge your business.


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It begins with a partnership

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Connecting Technologies for Secure Workforce Identity

Writing guides and use cases for various SaaS solutions for a new open-source developer toolkit that audits infrastructure access for various systems.

5 complex example integrations
8 guides
6 developer tools
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Developer Hub for 9 Banks

Erste Group Bank AG, one of the largest financial services providers in CEE, operates in 7 countries and manages the finances of 15.7 million clients. They needed an experienced partner to create their developer portal. We helped with the design, testing, and implementation of the API Hub portal connecting each of the 9 banks in the Erste Group.

7 countries
15.7 milion clients
9 banks
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We’ve been offloading our expertise and any tips and tricks that might be useful to you into this large database of free articles.

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The Role of Technical Documentation in Developer Success

Frameworks, documentation for developers, application programming interface structure, or README files. Is it like Greek to you? It does not need to be. Together, we can delve into the significance and advantages of technical documentation. Our article will also cover artificial intelligence and its potential to cut down on your overall documentation workload.

Jan Řičica

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